“Have you heard about pens that sprout leaves and flowers as they craft beautiful letters?”

Yesterday, on World Environment Day, I received a beautiful gift: a Seed Pen. These pens, made from colourful paper instead of plastic, contain hidden seeds that can sprout and bloom when discarded. Each pen you throw away after use can potentially grow into trees and plants, transforming discarded pens into a blooming wonder.

These pens are the creation of Aswin Ramesh and his friends. Despite being born blind, Ashwin leads this initiative of paper-made seed pens. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashwin sold these pens on the streets with the help of his guiding cane, spending 70% of his income to support his differently-abled friends. A native of Muthalamada in Palakkad, Kerala, Aswin holds a degree from Kerala Varma College and a postgraduate degree from Panampilly Memorial College in Chalakudy. He is currently preparing for competitive exams.

To get these pens delivered anywhere in India, you can contact Aswin on 85479 21107. By paying 300 rupees via GPay, including postal charges, you will receive 25 pens within 15 days, says Aswin. Send your address and a voice message on WhatsApp to Ashwin.

By purchasing these pens, you are supporting the lives of many differently-abled young people. When you discard these pens after use, the seeds within them will fall and bloom. Let this pen be a gift to your children at the start of this academic year, nurturing the environment and the lives of differently-abled individuals. What could be more rewarding than brightening lives, the paths we travel and the earth, with a single pen?

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