Indian Railways, one of the largest railway networks in the world, is installing material recovery facilities at more than 250 stations for waste management.

“In line with Indian Railways policy, we target to reduce water consumption by 20% by 2023 and have set up MRF (material recovery facilities) for waste management in more than 250 stations,” said Mr Anil Kumar Lahoti, Chairman & CEO, Railway Board, Ministry of Railways while speaking at the 7th International Conference Rail Tech 2023 organised by ASSOCHAM.

Beyond climate action, Indian Railway has also taken significant steps in other environmental challenges such as water and waste management, he said.

Indian Railways will continue to modernize by using advanced technologies, aligning with “Viksit Bharat” goals, in collaboration with stakeholders like ASSOCHAM.

IR’s thrust on renewables:

Has installed 204.82 MW of renewable energy

Has plans to install 200 MW of wind plants and 1000 MW of solar power plants

Has commissioned 200 MW of solar and 103 MW of wind power till April 2023

Has tied up with various sources for 1.7 GW of renewable capacity

Has plans to partner with industry to design, innovate and make available a secure and sustainable energy supply at a reasonable cost

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