To promote the use of electric trucks in the transportation industry across Europe and to accelerate decarbonization, Scania CV AB and Sender Technologies GmbH, have entered into a JV called JUNA. This partnership, which began in Germany, aims to promote the adoption of electric trucks to make the transportation industry more eco-friendly, aligning with the goal of having fossil fuel-free commercial vehicles by 2040.

Sender Technologies GmbH is a leading company in Europe that connects shippers with a large fleet of trucks. They focus on making the traditional transportation industry more digital and automated. sennder currently has over 40,000 trucks in Europe and access to over 120,000 vehicles.

JUNA is introducing a new way to use electric trucks, where customers pay based on their usage. This pay-per-use model will make it easier for more people to use expensive electric trucks. By providing access to loads through Sennder’s digital platform, JUNA is removing the obstacles to using electric trucks. This model saves the customers from the financial challenges of high upfront costs, concerns about residual value, and technology risks. By combining Scania’s high-quality electric trucks and tailored services with Sennder’s technology for connecting small and medium carriers with prominent shippers, JUNA is speeding up the process of making European road freight transportation more eco-friendly.

The new model includes electric vehicles, repair, maintenance, insurance, and digital services. In addition to usage-based fees and guaranteed usage, JUNA uses data analysis to find the best ways to use electric trucks and the suitable routes. By reducing the risks of using electric trucks and making operations more efficient, JUNA will help reduce carbon emissions and support the transition to eco-friendly transportation.

The pilot project has proved to have the potential to reduce 93 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions annually for the first truck alone. The project will expand to include long-distance routes in 2024, using existing public charging infrastructure.

David Nothacker, CEO of Sennder, said, “This is a crucial moment for our industry, and we’re excited to partner with Scania to make electric trucks more widespread. JUNA’s pay-per-use offering and Sennder’s capacity utilization will remove the barriers to adopting electric trucks.”

According to Gustaf Sundell, Head of Ventures and New Business at Scania, “JUNA is the result of a collaboration between two companies with expertise in electric vehicles and digital logistics. Scania is looking for new ways to create value for our customers, and we’re proud to see this project with Sennder to make transportation more sustainable, come to life.”

Both companies signed a joint venture agreement in May and have received approval from relevant competition authorities.

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