Lindstrom, a textile rental service company in Europe and Asia, has established a new Board Sustainability Committee to enhance its Board of Directors‘ involvement in sustainability-related matters.

The board sustainability committee will collaborate with management to develop a sustainable strategy, identify strategic opportunities, and ensure compliance with regulations across all regions.

The committee will ensure the board’s strategic focus on sustainability, its long-term impacts, opportunities, transparency, and accountability.

Harri-Pekka Kaukonen, Chairman, Board of Directors, Lindstrom, said, “The Board hopes that by creating this committee, it will assist management in establishing a strategic perspective on sustainability and address the business opportunities and risks related to such issues. Additionally, it strengthens our dedication to compliance, especially in light of impending changes to the regulatory environment.”

Kati Pallasaho, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Sustainability, emphasized Lindström’s circular business model’s competitive advantage in sustainability. “We have high standards for textile recycling, closed-loop systems, and emissions reduction. We are aware that sustainability will become more and more important for maintaining our competitive advantage. In addition, expectations from our stakeholders are growing in terms of a variety of social, environmental, and governance issues, and the laws governing these issues are rapidly evolving, particularly in the European Union.”

The committee, comprising Kati Pallasaho, Gavin Adda, Petteri Kousa, and Eva Nedelkova, will meet six times a year, aligning with the Board of Directors’ meetings.

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