FedEx Opens Advanced Sustainable Logistics Hub in Dubai

Boosting the UAE’s Green Economy Goals, FedEx Express has unveiled a cutting-edge logistics hub at Dubai World Central (DWC) Airport. It is aligned with sustainability goals and represents a $350 million investment into the UAE’s economy. Inaugurated by prominent leaders from Dubai and FedEx, the facility emphasizes green technology, including solar power and electric vehicle integration. The hub supports the UAE’s National Agenda for Non-oil Export Development by enhancing global trade connectivity while committing to environmental standards such as Dubai Municipality Green Standards. This initiative not only advances FedEx’s target for carbon-neutral operations by 2040 but also bolsters Dubai’s standing as an innovative and sustainable global business epicenter.

Aramco, DHL launches ASMO sustainable supply chain solutions

Aramco and DHL have launched a joint venture named ASMO, focusing on sustainable supply chain solutions in Saudi Arabia. This initiative aligns with the country’s vision to become a leading global logistics hub by 2030, emphasizing circular economy practices and technological innovation. ASMO aims to integrate advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain to enhance supply chain efficiency and resilience, furthering Saudi Arabia’s commitment to sustainability in the logistics sector.

Geidea, Fils partner to make sustainable digital transactions

Geidea, recognized by Forbes Middle East as a top fintech company, has partnered with Fils to integrate sustainable practices into digital transactions. This collaboration aims to embed climate positivity across various industries by allowing customers to view and offset the carbon footprint of their transactions directly. This initiative is part of Geidea’s commitment to sustainability, further highlighted by its role as the payment provider for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28).