Shares of Borosil Renewables, a prominent solar glass manufacturer and subsidiary of the Borosil group, surged by 11% following India’s initiation of an anti-dumping investigation into specific solar glass imports from China and Vietnam. During today’s intraday trade, the stock price climbed to ₹598.65 per share.

As the first producer of solar glass in the country, Borosil Renewables specializes in manufacturing low-iron textured solar glass, essential for solar photovoltaic modules in the power sector.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent launch of the PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana is expected to promote solar energy. Under this scheme, beneficiaries will receive 300 units of free electricity per month, supported by a substantial investment of ₹75,000 crore. Looking ahead, the global outlook for solar photovoltaic installations remains optimistic, with India aiming to achieve 280 GW of solar power installations by 2030. Government initiatives such as the imposition of Basic Customs Duty (BCD), Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes, and preference for domestic solar modules are driving increased demand for solar glass within the country.

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