Mercedes-Benz has launched two new e-trucks in Hongkong to support the country’s carbon-neutral commercial transportation initiative.

Mercedes-Benz’s Actros and Econic series are already servicing the country’s local and cross-border logistics, and urban applications segments. Now, the company is transforming the segment into  sustainable transportation.


The eActros 400 series:
• Equipped with a 448 kWh lithium-ion battery pack
• 400 KM range
• Dual-motor system with total output of 400 kW (544hp)
• 2-speed transmission to simplify driving and operation processes
• Reduced stress for drivers
• Multimedia cockpit interactive, AVAS (acoustic vehicle alerting system), lane keep assist, fifth-generation active brake assist emergency braking system, MirrorCam rearview mirror system (optional)

The eEconic series:
• DirectVision low-floor cabin
• Higher efficiency in energy recuperation during braking
• Zero exhaust emissions and quiet operation
• Well-suited for nighttime operations
• High-performance lithium-ion battery can seamlessly integrate with a 160 kW charging system
• Recharging up to 20%-80% in approximately 75 minutes
• Perfect for urban applications that require multiple stops

Accelerating Hongkong’s ESG Journey:

With the launch of the all-electric versions of these two truck series, Mercedes-Benz has accelerated the country’s journey carbon-neutral transportation.

The initiative will enable the company to partner with the local freight industry and truck users. Local businesses can now acquire large-scale environmentally friendly transport vehicles that align with sustainable development strategies on ESG.

Incentives And Support:

The electric trucks will be included in the eligible vehicle list of the New Energy Transport Fund. This will allow owners to apply for subsidies of up to HKD 3 million, according to a press release.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks, in collaboration with CLP and Shell Hong Kong, will provide professional charging system support services to truck owners.

CLP will enhance the power supply system. Shell Hong Kong will assist customers in installing wall-mounted chargers and provide charging services at its network of service stations.

The two all-electric trucks are available for order and are expected to be delivered and put into service in the second quarter of 2024.

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