Google has added offering sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) credits to business customers, as a part of its carbon emissions initiative.

The initiative is targeted at corporate customers willing to slash emissions, ramp up demand in the emerging low-carbon biofuels market and scale up SAF production.

Google’s goal is to reach net zero across all of its operations and value chains by 2030.

“The use of SAF will play a critical role in helping the aviation sector on its path to decarbonize,” said Michael Terrell, Senior Director, Climate and Energy, at Google, in a statement.

“Joining Amex GBT’s sustainable aviation fuel program further represents Google’s continued efforts to accelerate the global transition to a carbon-free future.”

Andrew Crawley, President, American Express Global Business Travel, said, “Business travel is a crucial passenger segment for aviation, accounting for around 15% of air travel globally and generating around 40% of revenues. To have Google join our growing SAF program demonstrates how corporate collaboration can accelerate aviation’s transition to net zero and enable more sustainable travel.”

It must be noted that Shell and American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), launched Avelia— the world’s first blockchain-powered SAF ‘book and claims solutions for corporates looking to decarbonise their business travel.

Avelia also aims to demonstrate the credibility of a book-and-claim model, where SAF is delivered into the fuel network, and those airlines and corporations looking to reduce their emissions can purchase the data without physically having the SAF on their flight.

Once the model achieves consensus from industry bodies as an acceptable form of emissions reduction, Avelia could enable airlines and corporate customers to authenticate and report the associated emissions reduction benefits towards their voluntary ESG reporting. If this happens, models like Avelia can further turbo-charge SAF adoption.

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