In a significant move, the President of the United Arab Emirates His Highness Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan took to X (Twitter) to announce the extension of the Year of Sustainability into 2024, emphasizing the nation’s ongoing commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable development. The announcement came on the occasion of the National Environment Day on February 4. The tweet which quickly garnered widespread attention underscored the UAE’s dedication to building a greener future and its role as a global leader in sustainability efforts. The President’s message called for collective action, inviting individuals, businesses, and international partners to join hands in furthering the sustainability agenda.


This extension aims to continue the momentum gained from numerous initiatives launched during the original Year of Sustainability, focusing on renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable urban planning. The decision reflects the UAE’s strategic approach to integrating sustainable practices into all aspects of life and its ambitious goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.


As part of the extended initiative, the UAE plans to roll out new programs and policies designed to reduce environmental impact, enhance energy efficiency, and promote sustainable living among its citizens and residents. The extended Year of Sustainability is also expected to catalyze innovation in green technology and foster a stronger green economy, creating new opportunities for investment and employment in sustainable sectors.

It highlights the nation’s commitment to leading by example in the global fight against climate change and its pursuit of a sustainable future for generations to come. 

Building on the UAE Consensus achieved at Cop28—the early success that gave the summit initial momentum, such as the launch of the loss and damage fund on November 30, UAE is aggressively pursuing its sustainable efforts.